How Dante’s Came To Be: An Introduction

Buenos dias! The online home for Dante’s Gypsy Circus needed to serve you better, so we’ve created this blog to let you know of upcoming events, new classes, helpful sites, tribal news, dance and performance tips, and more.

If you’re not familiar with our tribe, allow me to introduce it to you. Dante’s (our affectionate abbreviation) began in 2007 when fire lit the eyes of two belly dancers who studied at the Center for World Rhythms and Movement in Cincinnati: Lauren Frederick and Andi Eastwood. Together with Tommy Schneider and David Sher, they combined their talents of dance, fire staff, fire breathing, and more to create Dante’s.

Personally, I’ll always be grateful to my teachers at World Rhythms, as well as Lauren and Andi in particular for the groundwork they laid for our tribe – they both taught me so much about performance arts  in the first couple of years that I performed with them, including how to eat fire. But like any organism, Dante’s expands and contracts. Lauren, David, and Tommy have since moved on to other adventures and to this day Andi continues to perform and be a part of Dante’s.

Of course, I can’t leave out Mac, one of our original fire safeties who moves around the country a bit; he continues to be a dear friend of ours. Pokes (Matthew Ferguson) is also a safety and performer, but you’ll learn more about him later, as he’s still very much involved in this odd family. And Sadi, our gothic queen who was there from the beginning also moved and so we wish her the best.

Today, our tribe is complete with several dancers: Andi (Ladi Blaze), myself (Cherie Dawn), Dex, Megan, Laura, and Britney. We also have Pokes and my own better half, Dwayne to fire safety for us, in addition to other contributions.

So, that’s a brief family history of Dante’s. Perhaps if you don’t personally know those involved, this could be a less-than-exciting blog post, but I felt it was only right to say thank you to everyone who conceived and nurtured our group’s beginnings.

Cherie Dawn

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