Dante’s Goes to the Beach

So last night we performed at the Midsummer Cabaret. What an enchanting evening! There were many beautiful people there, and many were in elaborate costumes complete with masks. Late into the night, as the last shuttle was leaving the castle and the DJ was playing his last songs, Britney mentioned that she and Pokes were going to a nearby lakeside beach and invited the rest of us in Dante’s too.

As luck would have it, almost all of us were free and so this afternoon we packed up our picnic baskets and grabbed our swimsuits for an afternoon of swimming, eating watermelon, playing and bonding until the sun had set. It was such a beautiful day that I want to share a few pictures. Enjoy!

Here we go for another of Earth’s rotations as the trees rise to the sun!

Tonight we jammed with a new friend – keep your eyes open for him at a future gig!

Laura, Dex, Britney, Cherie, Flam, Mayra Escobedo (a brave and friendly dance-observer-turned-participant), and Megan. Thanks to Flam for laying down a beat, and to Mayra for joining us in the sand!

Cherie Dawn

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