Circus Mojo Welcomes Germany Based Circus Pimparello to Cincinnati

Contributed by Paul Miller

Ludlow, KY (07/19/11) – Northern Kentucky’s Premier Circus Troupe “Circus Mojo” wraps a week filled with Circus fun with an Aufedersein Performance, Friday, July 22nd at 3:15 pm in Ludlow. Circus Pimparello, a Germany based Circus has been performing this week alongside local favorite Circus Mojo. Both groups are touring several Cincinnati locations, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Hillcrest Training School (Hamilton Co Juvenile Detention Center) and Florence Freedom Baseball Team. The highlight of the week will be the combined show at Circus Mojo Facilities in Ludlow.

Circus Mojo’s Founder, Paul Miller says “I’m not sure when the last time an international delegation visited Ludlow Kentucky, but we’re planning to have a great time!” Miller would like to invite everyone to the show on the 22th to send off Circus Pimparello with some big applause.

“I’m very surprised by the way how nice people treat us. It is very easy for us to bring the thought of our Circus to Ludlow, Kentucky. We also learn about the special way to make Circus in the United States with a lot of styling and smiling. So I am very happy that I found my ‘Circus Brother’, Paul Miller, who has a lot of enthusiasm and ideas to create a social circus partnership,” beams Sven Alb, Circus Pimparello’s Founder.

Miller and Alb have worked together at international events for the past 6 years.

Circus Mojo is thrilled to give Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky a rare circus experience that is destined to be fun for the kids and adults of all ages! For further information about show times and tour stops in Cincinnati please go to Circus Mojo’s Facebook page. Events are being added daily.

Aufedersein Performance Featuring Performers from Circus Mojo and Circus Pimparello
FRIDAY, July 22: 3:15 p.m
322- 6 Elm Street Ludlow, KY 41016
Suggested Donations: 5.00 (Children) / 10.00 (Adults)

About Circus Mojo
Circus Mojo is a L3C For-Profit organization and social circus who creates circus programs. They achieve their social and financial objectives by bringing together the support of all; they connect diverse groups of youth through artistic, expressive, and engaging circus performances. Let your inner child shine through.

~by Paul Miller

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