An Evening with Mayan Ruins: More Than Just a Show

This Thursday night marks the celebration of the tribal subculture in Cincinnati as Mayan Ruins, a psychedelic band known for its improvisational and communal nature, hosts Tribotica: Tribal/Goth Fusion at Darkotica.

Mayan Ruins,Psychedelic Tribal Music

Event creator Renea Frey had a vision when she began planning the evening. “I wanted to do this because there is so much cross-over between the neotribal and goth scene, and both of them fall, sociologically speaking, into the category of ‘neotribal formations’ which is a type of subculture,” she says. “I think that the two cultures have a lot in common (having been part of both of them for some time now) and that many in the goth scene, for instance, are looking for that ‘something more’ that the types of experience provided by Mayan Ruins and accompanying dancers offers.”

Zahara, Cincinnati’s queen of gothic belly dance, often performs with Mayan Ruins. In this particular show, Mayan Ruins, Zahara, and Dante’s Gypsy Circus will entertain everyone who’s ready to let go, mingle with like-minded folks, and rock out.

Doors open at 10:00pm, performance starts around 10:30.
$6 cover, 21+.
The Dock Complex, 623 Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, Ohio

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