Image courtesy of Brian Kollig (www.kolligart.com)

Dante’s Gypsy Circus is a collaborative of dancers and artists who share a passion for fire, performing dangerous feats with beautiful flare.

Taking our individual talents of improvisational dance as well as choreography, costuming, and music compilations, we offer unique performances for festivals, private parties, concerts, cafes, galleries, and more.

Our collective resume includes several varieties of belly dancing, modern, ballet, hip hop, burlesque, and object manipulation. By combining movement arts with a variety of fire tools/props, we’re driven to create an atmosphere that is magical, ephemeral, and yet not to be forgotten.

Photo courtesy of ‘Erin Takes Pictures’

We are available for public or private lessons. $35/hour for private lessons in tribal belly dance and fire arts. Contact us for details on ongoing classes in the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area; we also offer workshops in dance and fire arts.

Photo courtesy of ‘Erin Takes Pictures’

Click here to learn more about how our tribe formed in 2007.

Photo courtesy of ‘Erin Takes Pictures’

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  1. Always on the look out for another circus!

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