Entertainers Beware – Scam Alert

While scams are often targeted toward folks of an older, retired, generation, thieves will apparently go after any demographic they can conceive of, including entertainers.

I recently saw the following Facebook post in regards to scams, from Paul Garbanzo of the Accidental Circus, and with his permission, am sharing it here as a general public service announcement:

“Hey everyone, especially entertainers! There’s a group out there poaching entertainer lists and pretending to hire them for a gig, they send you a check that is 3 times too much and want you to western union the extra money back to them.. This is a classic scam called a Pigeon Drop. Fortunately, being the kind of guy that I am, I knew what this was when they tried it on me. And these guys are really bad at it too.. they even mentioned orphans… orphans! Seriously??? Anyway, please be aware that there are scammers out there and they are trying to scam anyone and everyone.” ~ Paul Garbonzo

Thank you, Paul, for letting others know about this scam!

Cherie Dawn

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